Louis Hampton III

Asst. Professional/Junior Golf Director


A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Louis Hampton III didn’t embark on his golf career right away.

In fact, he held several other jobs beforehand, including a brief stint as a high school teacher and various corporate jobs in sales and customer service.

It was during his corporate years that Louis discovered his passion for golf and realized that the game could be an effective networking tool.

After more than 25 years of growing his love for the sport and collecting valuable experience in the business world, Louis decided to embark on a professional career in golf.

Today, Louis is a PGA Professional and the director of the Junior Golf Program at Jumping Brook Country Club (JBCC) in Neptune, New Jersey.


B.B.A. in Marketing from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.
Completed PGA Professional Management Program

A Simple Approach to Teaching Golf

An accomplished teacher and enthusiastic promoter of the game, Louis creates a welcoming atmosphere for golfers of all ages and skill levels to learn and enjoy the game.

Louis’ philosophy for teaching golf is simple:
Start learning at the putting green and work your way back to the tee.

This straightforward approach, along with Louis’ ability to clarify complicated information and techniques, helps his students understand the game and improve more quickly.

He works with his students on fundamentals, etiquette, and rules and encourages continual practice and setting attainable goals. These core essentials set a solid foundation for playing and enjoying golf for many years to come.

Louis’ interactions with his students can be summed up in two words:

  • Patience
 – Louis knows that golf skills take time and consistent effort to develop. He is patient with his students and encourages them to be patient with themselves as they learn. 
  • Enthusiasm – Louis hasn’t forgotten the excitement he felt when he first started learning golf. More than anything, he wants his students to feel the same enthusiasm about the game that he did when he was first learning it.

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