Corporate Packages

Louis offers customizable corporate golf packages that help organizations experience all the benefits that golf has to offer.

Louis Hampton’s corporate team-building experiences break the mold of the usual seminar by giving participants hands-on experience, opportunities to connect with each other, and chances to improve their golf game along the way.


Diane J.

“Thank you so much for such a top notch golf clinic. I have played golf before and have had instruction but not like what I experienced on Monday. I would like to continue with you and/or your team, or an instructor recommended by you.”

Abena O.

I think I can safely speak for us all and say that we had an amazing time! It was so much fun to learn from you and your team. I am now committed to picking up golf as a sport, and look forward to connecting with you again soon for lessons in NJ.”

Katrina H.

“I’ve had people in my network who are not in WOCIP but saw what we were doing via social media asking about Golf. The reach and impact of our fabulous experience might be further than we imagined. Coach Louis, thank you and your team for everything.”

Celeste W.

Your instruction and tips made the world’s hardest sport seem accessible to everyone…even me.”


The experience last weekend was phenomenal!!  SO…I must have a trophy in Arizona, so I plan on finding a Coach soon!!”

Niambi H.

“I am definitely feeling the energy and agree with everyone’s sentiments. That was the best Golf Clinic I have attended.”

Athonise F.

“You and your team felt like family as well and I’m looking forward to your energy, your wisdom, and more lessons at our next reunion. How should one connect with you regarding future opportunities?”

The Business Benefits Of Golf

Louis knows that golf is more than an athletic exercise. It’s a learning experience and can be excellent networking too. Often, golf is a way for corporate employees to create connections with decision-makers and offers a great conversation starter at business events and parties. In fact, golf can help with employees’ confidence and drive for career advancement, even if they’re still learning or improving their game. That’s because we often learn a lot about a person when they’re away from the office, including how they react under pressure, handle adversity, and how they behave when they face new challenges.

Team Building Golf Experiences And Corporate Golf Outings

Whether you’re looking to hit the course for a personalized golf outing or you want to give your team a truly unique experience for their next team-building meeting, Louis can help.

He knows that every organization has different needs and goals. So he works collaboratively with you to tailor an experience that’s all your own.

Louis can help you to plan and organize your event at Jumping Brook Country Club or, for those who have a specific destination in mind for an upcoming golf event, Louis assists with making logistical and event planning arrangements at the course or golf resort of your choosing. He’s intimately familiar with the questions to ask the desired golf course or resort as you prepare for the event and knows the finer details that need to be tended to in order to make the day run smoothly. From meals to course minimums, to after-golf activities, he’ll help you create a memorable experience for your team.

In addition, Louis can help you select the day’s activities, from golf scrambles and tournaments to competitive skill activities and instructional experiences with expert guidance to help your team improve their game.

Working With A Golf Pro

What sets Louis’s Corporate Golf packages apart from other team-building activities is that these highly customizable experiences are provided by PGA/LPGA certified golf professionals who specialize in making golf accessible and enjoyable to each person with whom he works.

Louis understands that team-building exercises can have a not-so-exciting connotation in the corporate world. But that doesn’t have to and should not be the case for you and your team. That’s why he sets out to create a fun environment for your participants. Introducing some friendly competition like inter-team tournaments or skill drills, for example, helps to keep team members engaged, not just with the golf game at hand, but also with one another. Louis has found this to be a great teaching tool for the golf enthusiast and the more reluctant participant alike.

Louis can provide both the hands-on educational element for beginners who want to learn and the individualized insight for experienced players who want to work on the finer points of their game. So, on the day of your event, everyone enjoys and benefits from the planned activities and guidance delivered.

Each package provides opportunities for connection, personal development, and skill-building.

Connect With Louis To Create Your Custom Corporate Golf Package

If you’d like to explore potential corporate golf experiences for your team, contact Louis today.

When you do, you’ll provide some initial information so that your package can be customized to your needs and goals.

You can contact Louis here.

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