More than winning competitions and titles, Louis hopes to make a positive and lasting impact on his students’ lives.

Whether that comes from improving their golf skills, increasing their enjoyment of the game, or boosting their confidence on and off the green, Louis is happy to be a part of it.

Here are some thoughts shared by his students:

I cannot say enough great things about Louis. My 8-year-old son began taking lessons with Louis this past May. He has provided the perfect combination of excellent golf instruction in a relaxed, professional atmosphere. We are impressed by his approach to teaching the scoring aspect of golf and enhancing the short game, as opposed to just teaching various club used at the driving range. My son has a better knowledge of the sport because of this hands-on approach. Louis is kind, patient and fun, making him the ideal instructor for every young golfer.

Marisa Q.

I was most impressed with Louis when he provided instruction for my grandchildren who are four and six years old. Louis immediately put [them] at ease with his sense of humor and easy-going style. Louis was able to hold the attention of a four and six year old so well in a half hour lesson, that we increased the time in future lessons. They were delighted to play the games he set up for them and they repeated those games at home. They were able to articulately explain the proper putting grip, the proper full swing, and chipping techniques because Louis explained these things to them in their own language.

Cynthia K.

Watching Louis coach our son has been a complete pleasure. His demeanor and disposition make for the perfect combination for a golf coach. He has such a calming effect on his players. He never puts any unnecessary pressure on the kids. As a matter of fact, he helps the children appreciate the need to simply have fun and to enjoy playing the greatest sport there is.

He structures his practices in such a way that the students learn new skills and do so in a fun, unintimidating environment. This is so important for players (of all ages) who are at various skill levels. He can keep all the students engaged and focused. Louis can teach challenging skill concepts in a very simple, easy-to-understand way. This is so crucial in a golf coach.

Lauren D.

Coach Louis has a way with kids, helping them become the best versions of themselves in his own personable, low-key style of coaching. He shows kids how to become better, lets them make mistakes while they learn, and encourages them when they show even the slightest improvement. He never reprimands the kids or shows his frustration with them, his patience as kids go through their golf struggles is unbelievable and unmatched. Put this all together and you have a rare coach who breeds successful golfers and winning teams all without ever raising his voice or losing his faith in each and every child.

Bobby M.

Following a summer golf clinic for kids of the Asbury Park school district, Coach Louis received the sweetest letters from participants. Kids can be the toughest critics but here’s what they had to say about their time learning golf from Louis Hampton.

Thank you for teaching me how to golf and hit the ball high. I had a good time even though it was really hot. My favorite was playing knock out.


Thank you for a great time. It was fun when we played knock out and learned how to use the golf club and how to hold it.


Thank you for teaching us golf. It was fun doing it with you. I loved coming to play golf. I like to spend time playing golf with you. It was my best summer because of you spending time with me. Playing with you getting to know you well made this the best summer in my life.


I had a great time learning stuff about golf. I hope I can learn more about golf and I can go over to Jumping Brook again. I enjoyed meeting the people that were helping us. They are very nice and helpful. Thank you very much for having us.


Thank you for that time again at the Jumping Brook golf course. I enjoyed when we had to hit the golf ball high in the air and fall back on the ground even if we didn’t hit it good but two people hit it far. So thank you for that time.


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