Louis Hampton is passionate about introducing young people to the game of golf because of the joys, challenges, and life lessons it provides. So, each year he leads both the Jumping Brook PGA Junior League and two weeks of summer golf camp experiences.


"Louis’ patience and good-natured personality have made this learning experience a very rewarding one for my daughter."

– Serena A.

“…We were looking for a golf coach, but quickly came to realize Mr. Hampton is a life coach. He has a holistic perspective of developing young men and young women on and off the course…”

– Christin D.

"You are an amazing instructor. My game today is unrecognizable from our first lesson. Your patience and skill made all the difference.”

– Nevin K.

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me discover my love of golf.”

– Ken W.


A Passion For Working With Young Golfers

Louis’s passion for working with young golfers comes from introducing them to the sport and the real-life applications of what the game of golf teaches those who play it. He finds that children and teens get excited as they learn to do something they thought they couldn’t do before, in a way that is decidedly different from adults. Louis wants to help foster that enthusiasm with as many young people as possible and turn those “I can’t” moments into “I can and I did” triumphs.

He enjoys the receptive, open, and ready-to-learn mindset that young people have as they play. A kid-at-heart himself, he finds that he’s truly able to connect with the children and teens he coaches, with an approach that resonates profoundly with these young golfers-in-training.

The PGA Junior League

The PGA Junior League is an in-house league at Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune, New Jersey. Once a child joins the league, the participants are separated into teams. To encourage learning, good sportsmanship, and healthy competition, those teams compete against one another in matches at the golf club.

To benefit as much as possible from this experience, both parents/guardians AND the child must share in the dedication to the time commitment that the league requires. Most importantly, the child or teen who is participating must have a sincere personal interest in the game of golf. Louis finds that kids who want to play enjoy the experience more, learn from it, improve at a faster rate, and ultimately, stick with the sport.

While the Junior League allows young players to hone their skills, it also gives them the opportunity to grow as individuals. Louis encourages his Junior League members to work toward their full potential and avoid comparing themselves to others so they can become the best versions of themselves. Participants will see how much better they can get over time and that gradual improvement is a great teaching tool for future endeavors.

Since there are many parallels between life and golf, Junior League players will learn more than sport-specific skills as they progress. They’ll develop as people and collect life-long learning experiences as well.


These lessons are unique to every child, but often include:

  • Learning to make incremental progress through perseverance
  • Reducing fear through trying, failing, and trying again
  • Developing confidence in abilities and accomplishments, big and small
  • Understanding to recalibrate efforts rather than to abandon or quit when presented with a challenge
  • Avoiding comparison to others as the only measure of success
  • Recognizing that there are ups and downs to everything worth putting the effort into accomplishing

As with all successful learning experiences, the right fit between instructor and student must exist. For this reason, Louis begins each opportunity with a 1:1 two-way assessment to be sure that his style and philosophy are right for both parent/guardian and youth golfer, as well as the student and parents/guardians being the right fit for coaching.

The Junior PGA is available for boys and girls ages 7 to 13.

Successful Junior League participants are:

  • Open to learning
  • Willing to face challenges as they learn
  • Willing to accept change
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Not afraid to put in the work
  • Ready to dedicate time to practicing
  • Choosing to play because they want to play
  • Okay with not being “perfect” (as golf and life are best served in the pursuit of improvement rather than perfection)

Even students who are involved in other activities beyond the Junior league will need to carve out dedicated time to practice and employ the skills they are learning.

This dedication and commitment will allow them to thrive on and off the course.

PGA Junior League GALLERY

Learn More About Junior League

Practices are held on Wednesdays or Thursdays, every other week.
Matches are held on Saturdays and Sundays each week once the season begins.

To learn more, visit PGAJrLeague.com or Click Here to register*.

*Sign-up for the Summer 2022 PGA Junior League is currently closed, as all available spaces are filled. Registration information for the Fall 2022 season will be available soon.

Summer Golf Camps

Summer golf camps are learning experiences designed to introduce young people to the game of golf and allow those who are already familiar with the game to hone their skills in a challenging and fun environment.

Camps are arranged to teach the fundamentals of golf to a new generation of players. Instruction is offered in a fun and educational way so that young people recognize golf is for everyone and dispel the myth that it is ‘just an old person’s sport’.

From how to hold a putter to what club to use as you tee off, campers will gain an introduction to the fundamentals of golf through games and other competitive activities. The friendly competition keeps things light and engaging so that everyone learns in a variety of ways while connecting with one another.

Groups are kept small so that individualized, hands-on attention is provided each day.
Campers will work on their fundamentals in the club’s practice area and driving range in addition to putting their learning into action on Jumping Brook Country Club’s course.

Louis enjoys taking campers onto the course as much as possible because the situational practice they gain in doing so is truly invaluable. On-course experience allows campers to get exposure, let go of their fear, use their imagination, and experiment as they problem-solve in real-life situations.

As campers progress through the week, they’ll forge friendships, develop skills, and learn lessons that will help them now and well into the future.

This Year’s Program Schedule

2022 Summer Camp Flyer

For the 2022 summer season, camps will run Monday through Thursday

Camps are available on:

July 18th–21st (BIRDIE GROUP – For children 9 and under) 9:30–11:30


July 25th–28th (EAGLE GROUP – For children 10 and over) 9:30–12:00

Typical Schedule
Monday- Putting and Short Game
Tuesday- Full Swing/Fitness Tips
*Wednesday- Camp Scramble Tournament (8:00 AM Start)
Thursday- Skills Competition (Game Day)

*We welcome and appreciate parent volunteers to drive the golf carts for this day’s event!

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